A mosaic of color & texture floods the senses as you enter Alhambra de Taos, and are transported back in time. You will find masterfully woven hand-made textiles from across Central Asia, antique furniture, marble slab carved Buddhas, Bronze Hindu Deities, Quan Yin, and Tibetan holy relics.

The ancient art of fine craftsmanship fills Alhambra, where it can still be seen & admired in every carpet knot, and every grain of wood.


Alhambra treasures its antiques yet adheres to the trend of the moment. Trends in décor are set and discarded as quickly as any other fashion. To the untrained eye it is almost imperceptible, but then, Alhambra pledges to bring you the trendiest item on the shelf. For instance, when small furniture is portrayed in architectural and décor magazines, you can set a trend immediately. We at Alhambra, care – for you – about even the tiniest of details.

 As you are aware, unity is consistent in design. It may range. However, it is important to us that we combine works from various lands to create a collection that will keep your eyes feasting for long. Precious customers like you come to Taos from all over the world. It feels almost heavenly to cater to all on a global scale. Each of our art collections are now at your service, for your service.

Each item in our Taos store has been chosen by Vander from his extensive yearly trips to these lands where he handpicks pieces of interest and value – decor items that would add a whole new dimension to your abode!


Alhambra stands on a trinity of value, quality and service. This is why Robert Vander, the founder, brings you high quality Asian rugs, furniture and textiles directly from the Asian craftsmen. These handcrafted and hand-selected treasures can be hundreds of years old, or contemporary, and can instantly turn any living space into a unique style statement.



10:00 AM ~ 5:30 PM


12:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM