The founder, Robert Vander’s quest for Oriental treasures began in the early ‘60s. His expertise as a wood craftsman and builder has given him a special eye to handpick each piece of furniture and textile, according to his clients’ wishes and what will work for them.

His mission is to bring you high quality Oriental imports for less and that is why he buys straight from the Asian craftsmen and artisans. Vander’s background in furniture making and construction and his love of wood, colors and textures has helped him create ‘Alhambra’ – a store where each item is the fruit from one of his several journeys to an exotic Asian destination!

Vander says he would ‘never quit seeking that rare find.’


Alhambra envisions bringing the widest selection of furniture, furnishings and accessories, from the Orient and central Asia at the best prices. Each piece of rug, furniture and furnishing is hand-selected. Vander’s well-honed aesthetic ensures that when you acquire something from Alhambra, you may have acquired an heirloom that will remain in your family for generations.


Alhambra houses select collections of handmade Asian antiques, some of which could be hundreds of years old. The founder, Robert Vander, focuses on historical items, like those from the Ming and Qing dynasties of the 1700s, when the production of furniture was profuse. Alhambra is also home to furniture made with Asian woods that are known for their uniqueness – for instance, a Himalayan wood – deodar pine, (close to Cedar) which exudes an extraordinary aroma when you cut into it. Apart from bringing you antiques, Alhambra also recycles old wood and redesigns into handsome new armoires, tables and dining room sets.

Finely hand-made Carpets and rugs can be found in every corner of the store, in every style, size and color scheme. They can cover your walls or floors with that timeless aesthetic, and the pursuit of perfection and harmony that has been maintained by ancient weaving cultures of Asia for millenia. Every knot in our carpets has been made with care, and each one is a story looking for a new home in which to be told.

We know not everyone can go to a bazaar in Samarkand. So, Robert Vander, Founder of Alhambra de Taos, decided to take trips to exotic lands throughout Asia and bring you a bit of their culture and heritage, right here in Taos!

Named after the Moorish Alhambra Castle in Granada, Spain, Alhambra means “place of the red earth” in Arabic. In Vander’s own words, “The castle is a place of sublime simplicity in its total harmony of design. When I saw it, I knew I would call the store Alhambra because I hold that harmony in high esteem and recognize it as something valuable.”

Alhambra is not a store, it’s an experience

Alhambra takes you on a journey that begins with Sun-dried bricks of the store’s outer walls – one of the oldest buildings in Taos – and leads you to the rich mosaic of reds and golds that greet you from every rug, sculpture, antique table, cabinet and mirror.

Alhambra’s wide collection of furniture, furnishings and accessories are known for their remarkable design and as works of art collected throughout Eurasia, from the peaks of the Caucasus to Himalayan valleys, through the ancient hubs of the Silk Road and the eastern edges of China. From the minimalist Zen-like designs to the wild, vividly colored ones from east Asia, Alhambra’s treasures can instantly lend a unique vibe to your home!