Searching for the right carpet or rug of good quality & value is always challenging. Therefore at Alhambra we carry only finely-crafted pieces, both antique and contemporary, made of 100% natural fibers. Each piece is hand-selected and bought directly from the artisans in their countries of origin, and evaluated for quality. Our in-store designers take pride and care in conceptualizing placement for these pieces, and are here to help you choose the perfect piece for your home.


Alhambra’s well-honed aesthetic has resulted in an impressive selection of antiques from the Far East. Dutch colonial shell cabinets, Punjab pots, Indian armoires, almiras, & antique doors name a few.

From a contemporary small three-drawer night table made by woodworkers in Pakistan to an ancient looking hand-painted bathroom vanity, or a Rajasthani hand-carved King or Queen bed, to enormous armoires, exquisite craftsmanship is the norm and standard at Alhambra. Some of the pieces are the result of recycling old wood to carve out new tables and dining room sets with American or European decorating specifications – a perfect blend of the traditional and the modern.


Alhambra is the perfect blend of the exotic, the eclectic, and the traditional. To be able to buy from the far reaches of the globe may be an impossible undertaking for many people. But Alhambra’s founder Robert Vander, has made it possible!

Now you can bring a bit of the timeless spirit of the ancient cultures of Asia to your home. From Tibetan deities, to Hindu altars, every piece of home décor at Alhambra tell its own unique story.


We also carry museum-quality embroidered textiles, over 100 years old, from Bahkarah and Samarkand in Central Asia. Fine silk and wool blend shawls, saris, embroidered bedsheets, duvet-covers, and wall tapestries can be found throughout the store.

The rich colors, designs, and attention given to every detail, hailing from lost civilizations and fallen kingdoms, are symbols of those ancient cultures still peaking out through the flat surface of modern times, right here in Taos.